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An Open Letter To the Females Marching & Millennials Crying

ryan owensRIP Chief Special Warfare Operator, William Ryan Owens


Dear Female Activists & Millennial Crybabies:

Look at this man.  Look into his eyes. What do you see?  A bright smile. A handsome young man.  A husband.  A father.  A son.  My heart was greatly saddened today when I turned on the news and saw that a 36 year old Navy Seal had lost his life in Yemen over the weekend while fighting in a mission against al-Quaida.  A beautiful, undoubtedly strong, courageous, young man, husband, and father is gone.  It strikes me with great discord that while so many men & women are fighting around the world, for OUR FREEDOM, & this great nation we call the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, America itself is at war with one another.  Not a war with guns & ammunition, but a war of politics, religion, and ideas that we we have somehow done something to “deserve” a wonderfully, magical life with anything & everything we could ever desire while doing little to nothing to contribute to our own success.  Let me stop you right there.  If you woke up this morning and had the freedom to choose to go to work, to drop your children off at school or daycare, to stop at the local Starbucks, and begin your day as you choose, you better thank a solider.  In places all around the world, brave men & women are wearing a US Military uniform and chances are pretty good that they spent their night and morning engaged in circumstances that you and I will NEVER be able to imagine.  Soldiers who have willfully left everything they had at home and the people they love most, to go fight a war on your behalf.  Willing to not only fight, but DIE for you, a person they have never met, & a lot of you will never pause to give appreciation for their sacrifices.

I am not from a Military family nor do I have a military background, but I have recently been reading 2 books that have really had me thinking.  “Lone Survivor” & “Service: A Navy Seal at War” are the books I am referring to.  If you haven’t read these, I promise you they are an eye-opening read.  As I was reading the pages of these books, I found myself going back, over & over again, re-reading the accounts of warfare and finding it hard to accept the fact that there are thousands of men & women deployed throughout the world that are living under circumstances that we, as civilians, couldn’t survive a single day in.  Fighting & dying for me & you.  Giving everything they’ve got, down to their very last breath, so that, as of lately,  thousands of women here in the USA can dress up in costume, bare their naked bodies, and march through the streets of America because their feelings are hurt & they  “haven’t been heard”.  Here’s a thought: I happen to believe that America is home to some of the strongest, most intelligent women in the world who are not afraid to take a stand, who fight for what they believe in & don’t back down in the face of adversity.  Who are these women, you ask?  Were they marching through the streets of Washington D.C. a few days ago?  No. These women don’t complain; they wake up and put on a uniform, carry guns, and engage in warfare that we will largely never know anything about.  They are a growing percentage of our US Military.  They are soldiers giving their last breath so that you Millennials can cry and complain some more over your own hurt feelings that the United States of America is a Democracy, and a man whom you do not identify with was elected president.  Reality check.  You are owed nothing.  We live in a democracy and the people have spoken.  Go to class.  Get a job.  Contribute to society.  So while you are crying, rioting, marching, & whatever else it is that you choose to waste your time doing, a solider has drawn his last breath; an officer will appear on a doorstep to let a wife, mother, husband, father, or children know that their loved one is gone, all so that you may retain the right to do as you choose.

So, to all of us who slept soundly in a comfy bed, in a nice warm house, & had a nice cup of coffee to start your day, remember the brave soldiers, just like Chief Special Warfare Operator, William “Ryan” Owens, that are out there doing the dirty work to make it all possible.  To Officer Owens family: I thank you for your own sacrifice and we send great sympathy, condolences, and prayers to you all. As for my house, myself, my husband, & my 3 children, we will remember & honor the sacrifice that Navy Seal, William Ryan Owens, like so many others, made for us.  For these are the true American heroes; not a player with a name the back of a jersey or some singer or actor in Hollywood.

Isn’t it time we open our eyes and see what we have been blessed with in America?  Stop complaining. Stop rioting.  Start contributing to the greater cause and welfare of this great country.  While we drink our $5 cups of coffee, get caught up in the lives of Hollywood A- lister’s who’s opinions shouldn’t really have bearing on our lives, there’s a solider out there in the trenches, fighting for his/her life, making it all possible.  Living in America is privilege, not a right.  If you don’t like it, please, feel free to move to any other country your heart desires.  I hear Canada is open.

May God Bless America,

Canzady Davis-Dotson, (thankful small business owner, just living the American dream)


**To Marcus Luttrell: Thank you for having the fortitude to share your story with us.  Your bravery, strength, sacrifice, and commitment to your country has surely not gone unnoticed & your team members will never be forgotten.  From everything I have ever read or seen, we probably never know a Navy Seal from a regular civilian when we see them on the street, and none of them do it for honor, glory or any sort of recognition, but today, I wanted to pause to tell you & everyone in every branch of service in our US Military, thank you.  No amount or combination of words could adequately describe the amount of respect & thanks that you all are owed. May God bless you all.

***Since reading the above mentioned books, by former Navy Seal, Marcus Luttrell, I have also watched several interviews that he has done over the past few years and I have heard him say in those interviews, that a Seal is no different than any of us, made of flesh and blood.  If you cut them, they bleed.  They don’t have any special super power that the rest of us don’t have, and I understand what he means by that, but somehow I differ on that opinion.  I think maybe those who are destined to become a Seal have been given just a little something else that the rest of us don’t have.  They are special.  They are unique.  They are tough beyond their physical strength.  They are mentally indestructible.  They are a United States Navy Seal & we, the people, owe a debt we will never be able to repay.



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