An Open Letter To the Females Marching & Millennials Crying

RIP Chief Special Warfare Operator, William Ryan Owens   Dear Female Activists & Millennial Crybabies: Look at this man.  Look into his eyes. What do you see?  A bright smile. A handsome young man.  A husband.  A father.  A son.  My heart was greatly saddened today when I turned on the news and saw that [...]

Heal Our Land Official Music Video

Where do I begin...I wanted to give ya'll a little background on this new project that is finally complete.  You see, I come from a long line of love... and good ole southern gospel singers.  My brother and I have been singing at church since we were just big enough for daddy to stand us up on a piano bench [...]

A Farm Bred Miracle

Hadley, the day after surgery. On the Blog Today: As Chassidy and I are on this journey with Farm Bred, we feel like it is also our responsibility to use the platform that God has given us to share his goodness and mercy along the way, so that is exactly what we're gonna [...]

The jars…

  So what's the deal with the pictures of jars? The idea for the Mason Jar packaging goes along with our "Sweet T" themed shirts. Each shirt is packaged in it's own custom-made Mason Jar. Thus, when you get your order, you get "Sweet T in a Mason Jar"! No two jars are alike, so you get [...]

Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale Pricing July 12 2013 If you are interested in ordering our products in bulk (store, boutique, sorority, etc.), please e-mail us regarding wholesale pricing and shipping. We would love to see our products out in stores, and we want to give you the best prices possible to make that happen!